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Heating Split Systems

There are many different options available to someone who is looking to purchase a new heater for their home, and one solution that you may not know much about is a heating split system. A heating split system is a great way for you to heat your home and, best of all, if you get the right La Crescenta air conditioner and heating expert they will be able to install one relatively quickly and affordably as well!

A heating split system is what’s known in the industry as a ductless system. This system uses a very simple process in order to heat your home with warm air, and to cool your home as well. It pumps refrigerant from a condenser coil that resides outside of your home through copper tubing and into your indoor unit. The indoor unit will then blow cold air through a fan and across the unit’s evaporator coil, which gives you the cool air that we all love during the hot summer months. With a heating split system all of the rooms in your home can be controlled with one centrally located thermostat, and can be heated through the central thermostat as well. With traditional heating and cooling units you can only cool or heat one room in your home at a time, but with a heating split system that is not a problem. If you’re curious about how a heating split system works, please feel free to contact us and we can help you to determine if it is the right solution for your needs.

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