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Solar Energy

More and more solar energy is being used to heat homes, keep the lights on, and to warm up pools. The price of solar cells continues to drop which means that you’ll continue to see more and more solar cells being installed in your neighborhood. But there are still a lot of questions that many people have about solar energy and how it works.

Firstly, solar energy is in very high supply. This means that there is more than enough sun to energy your home, especially if you live in California where we get an average of 6 hours of sun a day. It is a wonderful sustainable resource as well! Also, consider this: the US Department of Energy estimates that the average American uses about 866 kilowatts of energy every month. This can cost up to $100 a month, or even more, depending on your exact location. And about 30% of that consumption is used to heat water in your house!

Solar panels are what you’ll see on the top of houses. They’re used to gather the energy that comes from the sun. The energy then goes into an inverter, which translates the energy gathered into something that your appliances and outlets can understand. It then goes into a battery where it stays until you need it. If you purchase a 1 kilowatt solar system in your home you can generate around 1,600 kilowatt hours a year, which can be a huge savings on your electric bill!

It’s also good to know that most solar systems come with a 5 year warranty, while the panels themselves tend to have a warrantee for around 20 years.

If you’re interested in learning how your local La Crescenta air conditioner and heating expert can help you to go solar, please give us a call!

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